Sunrise was founded in 1976 by Henry Appleton and Paul Miller. Henry and Paul met while working at Boston University’s School of Medicine Neuropsycho Pharmacology Department. During a study involving monkeys and LED lights, Henry and Paul realized that the monkeys were really mesmerized by the LEDs and they wondered if humans would have the same reaction. Several months later they built their first programmable LED display and Sunrise has been producing LED signs now for nearly 40 years, longer than any other company in this industry.

We produced the first display ever to incorporate a microprocessor in 1979, the first multicolor LED display in 1982, and what was probably the world’s first full color LED video wall at Harvard University’s Memorial Hall in 1995. We have built a wide range of LED display products over the years including tiny hand held devices, whirling 3D volumetric imagers, and permanent architectural installations hundreds of feet long.

Quality and customer support have been and continue to be central to our mission and the reason for our success.